V1A + V2A production schedule. V3Ti & MRK sale price $695 – April Special.

Recent purchasers of V1A & V2A, our sincerest apologies; as we replied to you we had an unexpected clean-out-purchase-order+additional units by a network TV show.  We have started on the new batch of V1A + V2A.

The additional delay was due our works with V3Ti and MRK Stage 3.

So schedule as follows:

V1A & V2A will be delivered no later than 4/20/2012.


MRK Stage 1 shipping now.  And due us manufacturing a larger batch than previously planned, a discount for you ($695).  April only.  Then it goes back to original MSRP.

MRK Stage 3 debuting 4/27/2012.