KCW™technica V1A PL-EF

PL lens adapters – What lenses “works”?!?! Demystifying PL adapters.

There is no “magic”

What makes anyone believe V1A & V2A with no, none, zero, zilch, nada, ANY corrective element will magically allow focusing of lenses and camera bodies designed specifically NOT to work with one another is truly a mystery. And to state V1A & V2A does not “work” because lens can not achieve infinite focus with certain lens on certain camera while lens is securely mounted on camera body is… stupefying. The definition of “work” for V1A and V2A is the secure mounting of lens to camera body. Please read that again. THE DEFINITION OF “WORK” FOR V1A & V2A IS THE SECURE MOUNTING OF LENS TO CAMERA BODY.

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Canon FD to Canon EF & Nikon F with AF confirm to Canon EF both available NOW!!

  Canon FD to Canon EF http://kcwtechnica.com/shop/canon-fd-to-canon-ef-adapter/   Nikon F to Canon EF http://kcwtechnica.com/shop/nikon-f-mount-af-confirm-to-canon-ef-adapter/   Both adapters will properly adapt very awesome and very affordable Canon FD and Nikon F lenses to current cameras with Canon EF mounts. WE DO NOT MAKE THESE!! We have tested many lenses with many different adapters and come to […]

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