Like Cheap…

Lenses.  Not really, well, OK, didn’t really, but after testing some with these adapters, we actually do.  Some pretty impressive images were achieved with some lenses easily found on auction sites, CL and smaller photography camera shops for average of $200 USD.

Easily understandable that many owners of these vintage lenses are photographers/filmmakers (lightly used here) that more enjoy wasting your time with their logical conclusion as to why they will never shoot digital.  And they will go down with the Kodak ship, just because, well that’s usually where you start realizing the next two hours of your time plus the cost of the petro you burnt getting there is too much to pay for a lens that this “professional” is trying to sell you for $75.

We have tested these adapters and are currently shooting some projects with them.  As previously stated, pretty impressive images, especially considering some of these lenses were manufactured in the 60’s.

And again, for the record, WE DO NOT MANUFACTURE THESE ADAPTERS.  We have however, thoroughly tested them and are even using them for some projects.  These adapters work great and are as top of the line as we have seen.

So for the sake of arming yourself with additional arsenal to achieve your desired outcome, take some pity and show some kindness to these “professionals”.  You will be helping the economy, and who knows, you just might classy them up a bit.  That’s worth a few solid social points.


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