DSLRstudio adapters videos now online on YouTube.

The DSLRstudio boys approached us and asked to contract us to do some testing for them.  We accepted and as we were conducting the tests, they asked to contract us to do their hosting and online web presence.  We accepted and as we were photographing and assembling their web, they asked to contract our names to use for their first born.  OK, that’s not entirely true, but we did conduct the tests and assemble their web.  And the fact that they have as absurd a humor gene as us, we decided to carry some of their products in our own shop as well.  Who knows what else will be developed out of this relationship, but so far, it’s been one HaHa after another.

The bowl of water over the door was a good one, a bit amateurish, but it worked, so kudos, nicely done.  Hope you enjoyed your Saran Wrapped toilet and chili-pepper oiled toothpaste this evening.


Check these adapters out.  No guesswork here, they work as promised.